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TRASHTALK #3 Steel – Circularity at its best?

Watch this TRASHTALK to find out, what experts think about the future of steel production and its use in the industry.

After mineral building materials, steel is one of the most used commodities. It is used widely in all sectors and experienced extensive growth in the past decades nearly doubling steel production globally. Steel is indispensable in our society. The need for mining and heavy industry plants necessary for steel production with high environmental impact is the obvious downside of the steel cycle. However, steel is known for its recyclability. This poses some question for the future steel production: For example: Do we still need to mine iron ore or can we solely depend on steel scrap? How can we lower the environmental impacts of steelmaking? And to which extent can we reduce our steel use or do we need more steel in future? Our Guests:

Our Guests:

Dr.cand. Wiebke HAGEDORN Researcher – RWTH Aachen
PhD Ichiro DAIGO Associate Professor – University of Tokyo
Dipl. Ing. Dr.mont. Gerhard HACKL Managing Director – ASMET
Dipl. Ing. Dr.tech. Sabine DWORAK / expert
Dr.cand. Magdalena KLOTZ ETH Zürich

TRASHTALK #3.1 - Steel - Circularity at its best?
TRASHTALK #3 – STEEL – Circularity at its best?